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The fair maiden takes the 6 great skill of crab

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Is using a tool to tear open crab a bit argumentative? Big impediment flesh, big bowl drinks, that ability is those who eat a crab bully " path " ! Probably men are such lofty sentiments a just as well, but if of spruce fair maiden is imitated rose " fierce Zhang Fei " , regular meeting lets everybody be surprised, thereby big damage figure! Tearing open crab is kind of art, yao thinks in those days the boudoir show in gate of an old-style cites the little weight, idle condition that carries the flesh to taste crab gently asthetic mood, again how many woman does not her mind disturbed for it, doesn't the man do it become enamoured? Today, allow the Yang Jinzhang's master worker that we follow industry of accompany work aquatic product nearly 30 years, play bout together " crab spells a plan " , teach you how to treat these surfaces softly the bub of frosty, very hard.

Tool: The silver-gilt crab tool with special and custom-built silverware shop of old Feng Xiang, a bit more exquisite also have aureate, gross 7 appearance, the crab that compares a tradition 8 little same forceps. Playing " crab spells a plan " in the process, slam the door is opposite " argumentative " small square table and round waist hammer, the most practical not pass 5 sample -- , " full moon machete " , sharp small scissors, head shows V word gap carry needle, forceps, small spoon. Ferial house home eats crab, although also can use scissors of fruit knife, family expenses, toothpick to wait,will replace these a few tools, but the appeal that lacked a few minutes to taste crab undoubtedly. Because this is about to search refined taste, must have " elegant " .

  Crab spells a plan

 1, break hilum issueing crab, open carries a lid on the back, with small spoon dip one

Spoon ginger vinegar is irrigated in back carapace, the flesh crab mouth lower part is all absorb is clean, the bonze of sit in meditation of a cross one's legs takes off the ground to be shown in us alive at the moment, the law sea old monk that this is chased to hide in crab carapace by white a polite form of address for a young woman in fokelore namely.

   2, the heart of 6 horn crab that leaves navel position is used

The winkle that carry a needle comes, again the two side inside body show purify crab the crab cheek of ivory strip, with " full moon machete " break off crab body for 2.

  3, because crab flesh grows direction " tyrannize "

Because this should arrange this direction next, crab cabin by the waist one knife, become warped on appreciably of the back of a knife blade, carry a needle with what the head shows V word gap next fine blow flesh of the crab inside cabin, the edge blows the margin is little eat to feed, do not have refined taste one time.

   4, cut foot of below 8 crab respectively, every foot again at
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