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Sino-US food habit actors or actress bad is compared

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Domestic Professor Hermann is opposite American dietetics Sino-US after the development that completely different food habit made two old peoples be as long as one year studies, point out: Sino-US food habit has its good qualities and fault each. He thinks:
The 10 big advantages that Chinese food is used to depend on --
One, the fresh vegetable that China eats everyday should compare American to be gotten more much, and although American absorbs a large number of protein everyday, but function of intestines and stomach however because eat cellulose too little and be affected, because the sicken of this digestion is led,reach rate contracting cancer to all exceed China greatly.
2, Chinese happy event feeds coarse food grain, and the flour and rice such as whitening of American preference essence. And actually, place of coarse food grain contains nutrient material to want to compare flour and rice much.
3, the Chinese loves to have vegetable oil, and American does dish happy event to use contain the animal oil with higher cholesterol, in addition still absorb a large number of butter everyday. Incidence of a disease of heart and vessels of no wonder American is particularly high.
4, Chinese urban and rural dweller is fond of the bean products such as soya-bean milk, bean curd, bean sprouts, and American however often " stay at a respectful distance from sb " .
5, after Chinese meal, greet a visitor the make tea heats up tea one cup. Drink tea can content of the cholesterol in bring down blood, contrary, american is fond of drunk coffee, raise hematic fat likely however and stimulate a heart.
6, eat finishs, the Chinese loves to eat bit of melon and fruit, and American often adds a minute of sweetmeat again. Nature of melon and fruit should compare sweetmeat more profit is healthy.
7, family of part of Chinese National People's Congress is used to buying new provision everyday, and American is fond of from the supermarket a large number of one-time buying time, next everyday edible is refrigerant food. The potted food of American edible (the chemical additive that contains a variety of adverse health) reach bloat dried meat food (the material that contains a variety of likelihoods to cause cancer) be a Chinese respectively 15 times with 6 times.
8, Chinese dish name is much richer auspicious colour, the each other between banquet says to bless a word, eat finishs often buoyant, heartstrings is loosened.
9, when the Chinese uses chopsticks, need to employ tens of muscle and more than 10 joint, say consequently for " gymnastical activity " not exaggerative.
10, the love when Chinese have dinner adds the spice such as vinegar, ginger, garlic, green, chili, can have the effect such as aid digestion of fat of antiseptic, disappear, stomachic, side.
The dietary habit of American also has 10 big advantages --
One, the in part that American makes dish put saline quantity to reach a Chinese only, and the old age in absorbing too much salt to be in likely causes a variety of diseases.
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