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Moon cake is delicate come from active head

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Moon cake moon cake ate thousands of years, especially a lot of wet people hear moon cake to place a hand to shake one's head this year, disrelish vulgar easy fertilizer not delicious. Actually, because you were not in,be minutes minute appropriate when eat an apropos moon cake just. Taking the advantage of the closest moon cake to want QS attestation, small write down thorough workshop of a person of academic or artistic distinction of each moon cake, arrive from raw material the process that make one by one observe publicly and investigate privately, from most initial fountainhead searchs that one moon cake that obtains each a person of academic or artistic distinction to had better eat!

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Month of sterling lotus Chengdu

  The most delicious: Month of sterling lotus Chengdu

 Show body ground: Lotus sweet building

Step the plant area of lotus sweet building, OK the taste with nose lotus peculiar Chengdu, brewing in air, of drunk drunk, the energy spirit that has countless lotus seed it seems that is in air watch. The master worker that 20 shovel Chengdu experience for years stands beside the big Huo of the Chengdu that fry lotus, go to temperature air officer 180 degrees of above, after wirh fixed attention looks at the mushy lotus Chengdu inside to be in two half hours, be become gradually by agitate the half glue account that glittering and translucent get rid of shows. "Pleasant head is quite beautiful " , he is muttering, smiled, next accost is worn the partner scoops this lotus Chengdu.

The lotus seed here uses the Xiangtan desquamate lotus seed with Hunan better water quality, bead bead is perfectly round be like a finger greatly. Annual the high level of lotus sweet building wants those who go choosing personally to take experienced experienced worker to form a delegation, the manufacturer that chooses allegedly has 3 card not only, even exit goes to producing lotus seed to Singapore. According to lotus sweet building has the equestrian master worker that makes cake experience 38 years to divulge, fragrance of Hunan lotus lotus is heavy, grain is full and starch is much, the sex of lotus Chengdu glue that does, agglutinant with transparency nature strong, the feel that no matter be,feels and the lotus Chengdu that tasted mouthfeel can compare the lotus seed with general other be done are close friends. In the meantime, they also should have particular demand to chosen lotus seed grain size, have way of a collimation that press bid technically still tailor-made become bolt undertakes filtration lotus seed. As to yoke it is yoke of primary colors salty duck. After be being taken when lotus seed with half rinse half 焗 means makes his soft personally, should soft arrive to knead the degree that can hold gently with finger. Serve muller next abrade, allegedly the muller burnish head here is the colloid with protecting skin to taste grind, precision grinds the lotus Chengdu nature that come out high particularly exquisite young slippery, look at have the impulse that thinks the face on apply makes face film.
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