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Moon cake is delicate come from active head

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The nucleus that should say lotus sweet building makes lotus Chengdu moon cake nevertheless is confidential, depend on a shovel completely Chengdu and carbonado cake two place. The hang factory director that shovels Chengdu nevertheless is smilingly ground only divulging is lotus sweet building used the recipe of hundred years, other had taken with respect to entirely, offend smally it is difficult to write down a heart to itch scratch, but cover again do not come out, go looking only carbonado cake satisfies a craving for delicious food. With the complete computerization automation line of Guangzhou wineshop production differs, the moon cake production of lotus sweet building is turned by hand partly, also withheld more handmade part. There is a word inside moon cake travel: "Make cake 3 minutes, carbonado 7 minutes " , means says a moon cake is delicious, it is the time that makes cake 3 minutes, it is the time that relies on to carbonado 7 minutes.

Those who pass pair of horse masters one time is soft pester hard bubble, experienced worker discloses eventually, the syrup that the knead dough of lotus Chengdu moon cake of lotus sweet building uses is with oxidation candy slow fire is boiled make dark dark brown the ability after setting a month again takes those who use, the moon cake skin that such doing come out just is met golden fully, still can see the stuffing inside expects faint and now. Had been hit cake by mechanization by hand now nevertheless cake is replaced, the mouthfeel that hits will be honester and rich flexibility. The moon cake that just gave heat nevertheless is unfavorable edible, a wait on 3 days to come week, your moon cake has a process that answers oil, the moon cake after answering oil can turn into by the good body that just gave heat soft body. Leakage of the oil when if moon cake answers oil,passing at appearance, be inferior moon cake. As to moon cake save, equestrian master discloses say, moon cake can deposit the accident of time to carbonado with cake home the depth of cake kongfu is contact actually. If moon cake carbonadoes quite soundly spend and not ham, the time that can deposit so grows more and won't deteriorate, premise is to want to deposit moon cake be in Gan Shuang, shady and cool, ventilated place. From exterior judgement, appearance of good moon cake is normative, outline is trenchant, without phenomenon of damaged, let the cat out of the bag; Outside and sleek, exquisite luster and colour and lustre is even, decorative pattern clarity, without bubbly, white spot; Mouthfeel soft, not coarse. And after incision, do not stick with stuffing makings cut provide for top grade. See here, small write down had been driven beyond forbearance, a moment ago one piece at once incision comes to stamp the moon cake that test and verify does not stick a knife is put into the mouth, push with the tip of the tongue, lotus Chengdu is dissolved slowly in the mouth, lotus is sweet take a tooth-like part of anything, satisfy a craving for delicious food!