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"Wine desk culture " formal trick encyclopedia

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Hang on 1 wine desk although " love is deep, cover tightly readily; Attachment is low, lick " but when drinking can hang this word on the mouth anything but.

Hang 2 hide one's capacities and bide one's time, thick accumulate thin hair, must not go up wine desk is filled big.

3 leaders drink hang to just be turn for his to respect each other.

Hang 4 can much person respects one person, anything but but one person respects much person, unless you are a leader.

Hang 5 oneself respect others, if not cheers, how much do oneself drink to be able to be inspected circumstance and calm, for instance capacity for liquor of the other side, the other side drinks manner, must not drink less than the other side, should knowing is he respect a person.

Hang 6 oneself respect others, if cheers, one, I am drunk, you are optional, just show magnanimous.

Hang 7 him position are low-down, remember buying wine to the leader more, give a leader not foolishly acting wine, want era namely, also want to miss generation seeking a person really in the leader, pretend even because want,oneself are drink and not be to drink to leader acting wine. Lead armour for instance deeply wine force, can pass make oblique references to bar the person that prepares to respect leader armour below.

8 end have tricks of the trade goblet (beer cup) , the right hand is clutched cup, left hand pays a cup of copy, the cup that writing down oneself forever under others. If oneself are a leader, sensible dot, do not put too low, how to cry otherwise below be an upright person?

Hang 9 if do not have special character attendant, touch wine to had better press hour hand order, do not want say turkey to one and bazzard to another.

Hang 10 cheers, propose a toast, should have say a word. Turn rotation from hang the business does not talk on 11 desktops, had been drunk, the business is about the same also, everybody inside the heart be clear, otherwise the family also won't be opened wide drink with you.

Hang 12 do not install crooked, missay word, mismanage thing, do not want argue one's case, self-conscious be made to drink as a forfeit just is good sense.

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